President Emeritus of Lifeway

“I could not put this book down. Kris Rystrom Emmert has painted an unforgettable journal of her journey through the death of her navy pilot husband, Jon Rystrom. This is her story of a wonderful marriage and devastating loss. But the story does not end there. Through this journey from trag-edy to triumph, devastation to closure, has emerged one of the most incredible stories of deepest grief to eternal hope that can only be found through Jesus Christ. This story will capture your attention and emotions and will challenge you to see past disappointments and tragedies in life to the eternal comfort and grace of a deep faith in God. Read and be blessed. Believe and be transformed.”


Author of Fire Women: Sexual Purity & Submission for the Passionate Woman

“In the past several years, we have simultaneously seen an uprising of recognition and respect for those who serve the rest of us, and a need for a genuine narrative of hope. Kris Rystrom Emmert’s book will knock the wind out of you on both accounts. This is the true story of two heroes; one who did not survive and the other who lived to tell. I believe it is a necessary legacy to share with the next generation. Make it a point to get a copy, gather your family, and expe-rience this story of real American heroism, a mom who rose from the ashes and a new life built on promises that not even death could destroy.”


Award-winning author of Tea on the Titanic, First Class Etiquette, The Art of Afternoon Tea, and The Tea Lover's Journal

“For anyone who has been devastated by the death of a loved one, this book will deliver the truth and encourage-ment everyone needs to hear while going through the grieving process. The author shares her journey from an-guish to peace as she walks a lonely path after her hus-band's death. Kris Rystrom Emmert shares her story of finding hope as she allows God to guide her through what seemed like an insurmountable mountain of grief. Providing Promise is a power-packed book that gives the reader an in-credible true story of God's promises of redemption and hope.”


USN (Ret.)

“When the journey of grief is a road you must follow, re-member that many have traveled that road before. Learn from their experience. Each journey is unique, but there are shared experiences that can help guide us along the way. Kris’s story began decades ago. Her story is a look into the deep recesses of grief. It is a captivating journey, compel-ling, truthful, and an incredible adventure from grief to hope. It is very instructive for those who are given the priv-ilege to walk with someone in their journey of loss and grief. Read how God traveled with her and shaped the ex-perience. Put Providing Promise on your reading list today!”


CRMC, RMM, General Manager WJBZ FM/ Praise 96.3, Knoxville Advertising Hall of Fame 2004, Recipient of the Robert McCabe Silver Medal Award 2019

“When I first heard Kris Rystrom Emmert speak, I was completely in awe of her and how she overcame life's hard-est hit. Her book, Providing Promise, tells her story of trag-edy, fear, grief and her heroic efforts to pull her life together for her two daughters. Kris Rystrom Emmert is a strong, bold woman who took the biggest challenge and found that only her unwavering faith in God would see her through to the promises that He gives us all. If you get a chance to hear her speak, it is memorable and life changing as is her book, Providing Promise: A Navy Widows Journey to Hope.”


Staff Sergeant US Marine Corp (Retired), Member of East TN Veterans Honor Guard

“This is a great book for anyone that has lost a loved one. It is very well written with a lot of details of military life. It is a great story of support from both the military family and the Lord.”


Christian Talk Radio Host, Crossroads With Jenny Bushkell

"Kris will inspire you to trust God’s plan for your life, even when it looks nothing like what you expected. Through a tragic event that changed everything, Kris shares her jour-ney and struggle with God in a vulnerable and honest way. Her story is a gift to anyone who has ever wondered, “Where are you Lord?”


Army Gold Star Mom

“I just finished the book Providing Promise. I started reading it, and it touched home so much I had to stop. See, in 2018 my oldest son Jacob was murdered on base at Fort Polk Louisiana. Something told me I had to finish this book, so I started at 7 pm yesterday evening and read it until 3 am this morning. I was on chapter 13 when I started breaks in be-tween. I want to say thank you to Kris. Even though our losses are different—hers being her husband and mine be-ing my son—the grieving, the anger, the sadness, the con-fusion, the unanswered questions, the not knowing, having no closure, no justice, my faith in God, my sadness with God, my wanting answers, my healing, my cries, my never, my firsts. This book touched on every level. I understood what Kris was saying. I could relate as if we were walking in the same shoes, just different paths. I prayed for Jacob as he went to the army. I prayed Psalms 91 all the time. I now realize that prayer wasn’t for him—it was for me and what God was getting ready to bring me through. I know it’s been 25 years for Kris, and she is at peace. It has been almost a year for me, and I still struggle, but I know I will find my peace one day. I thank Kris from the bottom of my heart and soul for writing this book—not just for herself but for all the other people in the world who are grieving whatever their last maybe. This isn’t just a ‘dead book’—it’s a book to make us alive again. ”


Film Producer of The Long Goodbye: The Kara Tippetts Story

“My faith has been strengthened by this story. Kris’ vivid imagery paints a riveting and compelling narrative that you just can’t pull away from. I can’t help but be inspired by this epic story of love, loss, redemption and hope. I’m looking forward to watching this on the big screen some-day!”